Sarah Pacini is back!!!

With new arrivals, stunning jewelry by STUNNING! Fashion Accessories & more amazing items and deals. Only until Sunday, only in Alpha Art Gallery (25 Murray Street)
New Excitement for Art and Fashion lovers: Sarah Pacini -the ultimately creative designer presents her unique and breathtaking collection at Alpha Art Gallery.
When the invisible takes shape and the magic happens, hope and desire arise. Sensitivity and creativity unfold like a grandiose internal symphony. Nothing is tangible, yet this sensation takes shape and guides us. a deep longing is born and motion becomes the only form of communication. A few symbols impose themselves as a universal mean of communication.
Imagine global village from where a gigantic human ballet would gather momentum. Bodies and souls in harmony would paint the future in synchronized motions. A village in which the verb would not dominate as a means of communications, borderless and without prejudice.Imagine this world where motion would reign. The differences would be respected, vaporized and proudly shared all in the spirit of a universal humanity. The world would lay claim to social, cultural , and gender diversity.
We invite you to explore Sarah Pacini at Alpha Art Gallery and approach the fashion with an open mind and fresh perspective.
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